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It’s the starting point. Here we invest time and energy to find the name that best suits your brand and that reflects who you are as a company — one that is easy to write and pronounce, and that is enticing enough to make clients curious.


The idea is to create a winning concept — one that clients can identify with and a concept so strong that it will work as the base to elaborate a strategy plan, your brand and all the elements surrounding your brand. You give us the idea, and we’ll provide the tools to successfully develop it.


We aim to find the right place for your brand and to position your product in the minds and hearts of your clients. The first step is to identify the perfect target, and from there establish what sets us apart from others. We give people a reason to believe in and love your product.


Your logo is the face of your company, the symbol that represents your brand, and that is why it has to be appealing and invite your clients to use and enjoy your product. The ID Team has the time and strategies to turn your ideas into realities and create a LOGO you’re truly proud of.


Words have the power to convince, influence and seduce. They should be strong enough to sell an idea and to sell your product. The key is to know how to use them in your favor. We listen to your ideas and turn them into words that are interesting and attractive to potential clients.


Videos and animations, based on graphic design principles that add time, space and sound to your presentations or web page, will make them more attractive in a fun and dynamic way.


A web page is a powerful tool that allows you to show what you’ve got, and positions your brand in the internet world. It’s a window of opportunities, a sneak peak of your company’s universe and what it has to offer. The ID Team  is ideal to help you create your own web page.


Let’s say you already have your brand and company on track, but you want to give it a boost, an injection of energy or a new input. Well, The ID Team does that for you. We study your company, we analyze what works for you and what doesn’t and then we develop a strategy plan to make the improvements that you need, and keep your company on the right path.


It is becoming more and more important for businesses to have a positive impact on people and nature… We’ll help identify opportunities for your brand to make a difference and lead the leap into the future. We are B multipliers! We offer advice on how you can become a B Corporation.

Social Media Management

Likes, shares, posts, hashtags – are a huge part of our world now. We can help you make sense of it all and assist in creating an online personality that is consistent with your branding. Account setup. Strategy. Customised design. Integration of campaigns. Content creation and more.

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