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Our priority is to make your life easier, and we invite you to join us into the amazing and complex world of branding. We work with all aspects of brand building — including design, strategy innovations, technology and brand activation.

The ID Team is a close-knit team of designers, consultants, developers and editors — all committed to one thing: making you a happy and satisfied client by reaching your goals, exceeding your expectations, and guiding you step-by-step through the whole process.

We design, create and deliver solutions so you can shine. With your vision and our expertise, we take brands to the next level — one that is unique and creates lasting and cutting-edge digital experiences.

Meet the team


This powerful redhead is pure dynamite — happy, fun and passionate (and when we say passionate we really mean it). When it comes to work, she takes everything that is important to her clients and makes them her own matters. She loves details as much as she loves Mulan (@MuliLaYorka), her little dog — which is to say, a lot. This detail-oriented creativity combined with her design skills will bring out the best of your branding or rebranding experience.


Our favorite Graphic Designer, Iván is in charge of adding all the fun and life to your web page or presentation. He is an expert in motion graphics, which means he is able to incorporate animations, sounds and movement in order to bring your brand to life. He enjoys finding new ways to challenge himself, and above all he loves collaborating with others — a winning combination for next-level work.

Our Allies

Beatriz Pérez Ayala (BEPA)
Brand Strategy Consultant
Beatriz Pérez Ayala (BEPA)

Designing winning brand strategies is her way of life! She helps you to think, rethink, conceptualize and strategize your brand. She also brings the right mix of innovation and creativity to your brand strategy so you can stand out and shine in your market.

Isabel Hernández
Creative Writing and Content Developer
Isabel Hernández

Isabel have the ability to turn your ideas and projects into written words. She understand the essence of what you want to sell or say and explains it through text that is precise and on brand.

Sarah Levy
Brand Strategy Deep Dive / Content Development
Sarah Levy
Sarah Levy is a word nerd, storyteller and strategist with a penchant for made-up words, real-ass people and heart-fueled stories. She has over ten years of experience in content, brand innovation, language strategy and marketing — with an expertise in lifestyle and wellness brands.


We are a flat organization that operates in a relaxed and team-oriented environment. We support each other’s work, and there is always harmony and understanding between us. The ID Team is a fun place to be: Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we start by being happywith who we are as a company and as individuals.


Our strongest values are responsibility, honesty and respect. We work from our hearts, and we respect each one of our client’s ideas. It is our responsibility to deliver solutions and results that come out of those ideas or dreams and to make it easier for you.

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